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People come to therapy for many different reasons. You may want to understand yourself better, take charge of your life, or change life or relationship patterns that are not working well.

Some people come to therapy to strengthen their skill at managing troublesome symptoms that interfere with important parts of their lives, and some come for support during a difficult time or life transition.

Why Choose Therapy?

Psychologists complete more years of formal education and specialized psychotherapy training than other mental health professionals or other types of psychotherapists. 

Part of the licensing procedure for psychologists involves additional supervised practice hours and multiple exams related to ethics and competency to ensure that clients receive informed, high quality care, as well as ongoing continuing education. The College of Psychologists of Ontario is similar to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in that the organization strives to ensure consistent delivery of quality care.

Read more about my qualifications and publications.

Why choose a psychologist?

The length of our work together will depend on many factors, such as what brings you to therapy and what resources you have. We'll determine this together early on.

How long will I need to continue seeing a psychologist?

Psychologists are registered health professions whose services are usually covered up to a certain amount determined by your extended work benefits plan (have a look at your plan, which outlines your coverage amount and/or percentage). Services over and above this amount are partly tax deductible. They can be claimed as health expenses on your income tax.

Is there heath coverage for the services of a psychologist?

I offer a 20 minute "meet and greet" and/or phone consultation to those with a longer therapy in mind for us to best determine match. Therapy fees are guided by the College of Psychologists of Ontario and begin at 250.

What fees can I expect?

Once we've set an appointment, you will receive a Zoom invite specific to you. Log in a few minutes early and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode. At the hour, I'll join and we'll begin!

How do I have my appointment over Zoom?

Psychology FAQ

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